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Bookkeeping and Payroll


We offer a wide variety of bookkeeping services and can adapt them to fit your needs. On the light end of bookkeeping services, we can help you with specific questions or issues with your own bookkeeping system. If you need more assistance, we offer a complete bookkeeping service where we do everything from keeping your general ledger to reconciling your checkbook. Our bookkeeping services are also integrated with our ability to do payroll and produce financial statements from the records.


If you write your own payroll checks but need help preparing your payroll tax returns, we can help you do so. Doing payrolls is a very technical and sometimes tedious task, especially for those inexperienced with payroll matters.
We offer complete payroll services through our own payroll company called Lebanon Payroll Plus, Inc. Lebanon Payroll Plus starts with the time and pay rate information that you provide and does complete payrolls and prepares payroll taxes. We can even direct deposit your employees' paychecks into their accounts and can remit retirement plan withholding to the plan administrator. The only thing you must do is sign the paychecks! Unlike many impersonal payroll services, you will work with the same people from start to finish. Plus, the CPAs of Stanilla Siegel and Maser LLC are always available to help when questions regarding payrolls or payroll taxes arise. Give Lebanon Payroll Plus, Inc. a call today at (717) 273-3884.

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