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Image of Rachel L. Siegel, CPA

Rachel L. Siegel, CPA

Rachel L. Siegel became a partner at Stanilla Siegel and Maser LLC in 2013 after obtaining her CPA license earlier that year. Rachel worked at the firm through her years attending Lebanon Valley College. There, she obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and concentrated the remainder of her studies in accounting coursework. At Stanilla Siegel and Maser, Rachel's efforts are concentrated in the tax and for-profit accounting areas.

Rachel is a highly skilled competitive sewer. She has competed in regional and national sewing contests and has won many accolades including some for her tailoring skills at the Make it With Wool competition. Rachel is also experienced in baking and food preservation. Rachel enjoys working in the family garden. In the summer months, Rachel coordinates the exhibits and personnel for the indoor exhibits at the Lebanon Area Fair.

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